Hu? Who's ju?

Yummy, Cookies.

Mh, I don't know, so... call me Andre, Feurigel or Hinoarashi. I am a very lovely cookieans. If you want to talk with me, bring cookies with you. But... I won't listen until I've eaten all the cookies. By the way, in times when I don't have any cookies, I'm pretending to develop, programme or break something - most times it's the last one. When I'm doing neither of those things (very unlikely - really! Because most times, I have cookies - yummy, cookies), then, uhh... I really like to play video games.

That was a little introduction about me. I don't know anything more to tell you... But hey, do you have any cookies? No? COME ON...! Bring me some cookies! NOW! No cookies, no trust!